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• Folding
• Booklet Making
• Collating
• Shrink Wrapping

Ry-Gan's bindery utilizes the finest booklet making and collating machines. Whether your job requires folding and face trimming or simple straight collating, we will finish your project in style.

Our equipment includes:

22" Stahl Folder with Angle
Polar 92 ED Cutter
Hanagata Fully Automatic Shrinkwrap System
Duplo Booklet Maker (High speed collate, fold and face trim)


Duplo System 5000 Collating & Booklet Making System 

Expandable up to 60 bins, the suction-feed System 5000 is fully automated, exceptionally user-friendly, and combines a series of new features. A center referenced paper transport system provides a fully automated sheet transport system easily incorporating the entire range from minimum to maximum sheet sizes without any manual operator intervention.

The System 5000 also incorporates a redesigned fold unit, providing a flatter, crisper fold, thus making booklets easier to manage when being fed into envelopes inserting machines for direct mail applications. The machine also addresses booklet variation and has a job interruption system which diverts corner or side-stitched jobs to a separate catch-tray, while other jobs continue to pass through the trimmer onto the belt-stacker for collection.

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